Low Smoke

Ultratec’s low smoke products maintain clean and bright colors, delivering these with extremely low smoke. These low smoke products are what have become vital in televised productions, sporting & corporate events, live theatrical, and anywhere smoke is considered a nuisance. Ultratec is also committed to reducing lift smoke allowing us to set new standards in low smoke Pyrotechnics.


Bright Colors

Ultratec's vibrant colors are considered the best in the industry. Ultratec’s patented formulations and quality raw materials allow us to set the benchmark in the proximate pyrotechnics industry.


Certified Worldwide

Global Distribution demand lead our commitments to having proper certifications. Ultratec is proud to be the leading Pyrotechnics Company to have more than 1000 devices CE Certified in Europe. Our commitment to compliance and certification remains imperative when delivering excellent customer service.

What's in the News

Gemini Mines

After we first introduced the Gemini Mines in the summer of 2013, we received a good deal of valuable feedback from our customers which helped us improve the performance of the Gemini Mines. After compiling our customer’s comments we were able to conclude the tubes we were using in manufacture were too large in diameter. […]

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Multi Shot Products

Once again, it’s a busy time of the year for planning those new shows. Ultratec’s Multi Shot Plates are a great choice and are fast becoming the reliable solution for those multi shot applications. Our unique plate design is the same for each timing, only the duration and the type of effect changes with each […]

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Events & Important Dates

  • Our Huntsville office is closed on following dates in 2014: Jan 1, April 18, May 26, July 4th, Sept 1, Nov 27-28, and Dec 25-26th.
  • The Germany office is closed on the following dates in 2014: Jan 1, April 18, April 21, May 1, May 29, June 9, June 19, Oct 3, and Dec 25-26.