Preloaded concussions are used in conjunction with a concussion pot to produce an extremely loud bang. They are similar to an airburst construction. Sold with an electric match installed, standard lead length is 36".

Our new Concussion Simulator produces an extremely loud noise (very close to a Number 3 Concussion) without having to set up a mortar. Conveniently self-contained in a cardboard tube, the Concussion Simulator gives you the bang you want with a quicker and easier installation and clean-up. It comes with an electric match installed (standard 36" match lead).

Ultratec is pleased to offer the full range of concussion including #4 and #5 using this new patented Dual Chamber solution. It;s a simple design keeping  the Oxidizer and Fuel separated during transportation. The mixing is done carefully and immediately prior to loading it into the mortar.

Click on the video above that outlines how this is done in practical use.

The new Dual Chamber Concussions allows for the transportation of Concussion to be safer which sets another new standard for safety and practical logistics. 

Give at least 12 business days notice and get the special "Minimum Advanced Notice Price" shown below.